Matt Candler has over 20 years’ experience as a Game Developer and Producer making games on all platforms and business models. PC, Console, Mobile, VR, AR, F2P, B2P, retail and digital downloads.

Starting at Activision in 1995 and working on the flagship title MechWarrior2 and the Expansion Packs including 3D cards and localized versions, then on Pandemic Studios Dark Reign and Battlezone titles.

Then he produced console games on Playstation 2 with the notable properties of Spryo, Aliens, Fantastic Four and Defender for Activision, Universal and Midway Games.

Following that, he co-founded his own mobile game publisher and delivered top 10 hits on Verizon and Sprint with Head’s Up Hold Em and Dominoes.

He was recruited by Paramount to build a digital publishing platform and delivered games for IOS, Steam, XBLA and PSN platforms with top 5 hits based on Paramount’s properties, notably Top Gun, Days of Thunder, and Star Trek

After Paramount he focused on financing and production of Free to Play PC games and the Steam Platform.

Most recently he was the Executive Producer at Skybound working on Mobile and PC games with The Walking Dead, with development partners such as Scopely, Disruptor Beam, Starbreeze, Twitch, and Valve.

He has expertise in Game Production, Game Design, Publishing and Monetization.

Matt is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon with a BA in Economics.

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